It’s been a long time coming but I have finally returned to working under my own name and launching collections seasonally.

This is the beginnings of an amazing new venture…

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Lara Jayne ~ Couture Corsets & Lingerie


Thank you for all of the support and love for the smalltownfrocks project. It wouldn’t have had the success without all of you and your amazing encouragement.

I look forward to helping you embody your own juicy goddess nature with the crafting of delicious corsets and lingerie!

xoxo Lara


The Mythological Creature







Smalltown—EyeoftheMind—Aug.2013-0675Photography: Louis Bockner, Eye of the Mind

Model: Zoe Spring

Wig and Onesie: smalltownfrocks

Makeup and Styling: Lara


The naughty bunny

Smalltown—EyeoftheMind—Aug.2013-0565 Smalltown—EyeoftheMind—Aug.2013-0569 Smalltown—EyeoftheMind—Aug.2013-0590 Smalltown—EyeoftheMind—Aug.2013-0608 Smalltown—EyeoftheMind—Aug.2013-0609 Smalltown—EyeoftheMind—Aug.2013-0610Photographer: Louis Bockner, Eye of the Mind

Model: Zoe Spring

Wig, Corset, Garter Belt: smalltownfrocks

Makeup and Styling: Lara


1I was having a ‘yes’ day when I received the message from Laura reminding me that we had casually discussed working on a photo shoot… I said I’d put out a few feelers and see what could be arranged… a “hells yeah!” and some creative talent volunteering their time and it was a go! Our dear Louis is in the city honing his skills and attending school so it was a perfect time to work with a new photographer… I had been dragging my feet on new photos in his absence, despite it being ridiculously overdue.



Laura was lovely… she drove out in to the boonies to join us, scaled ravines, got dripped on, ate scrumptious gooey cake with her hands, and gave really great direction to the models. A joy to work with! And I think the photos speak for themselves.

me fussing in the ravine

this is where we discuss the staple gun ;)

Avrell donned her ninja stylist gear and somehow made an antler stay in Nicole’s hair without the use of a staplegun. ;*)

robin yer so pro! xo

robin and the wolf being adorable!Robin brought her epic makeup skills and some really great sponges for dabbing the water dripping off the trees and through the models eyes and makeup… super trooper!

b&w redb&w wolf

Nicole and Richie… they are gorgeous. Inside and Out. Avrell and I were on our (semi) best behaviour and took our usual heckling down a notch, I think we were just stunned speechless by their beauty… or maybe there were too many new talents and we didn’t want to let on that we are not complete professionals… or maybe we were just trying to not scare off the wolf.

forget the wool pants... they wear wigs!raowr!Thank you all for showing up, bringing your top skills, being super fun to spend the day with and seeming willing to do it all again! Big Love, Lara xoxo

the money shot bite that cake!damn fine cake!

ps. A big thank you to Melissa who never fails to send a truly delicious cake for us to molest and devour! xo

The Deep Dark Woods.

It has been told that Little Red took cake to her grandmother again…a walk in the woods the beginning

another great red closeup

red with basket in ravine

ravine.... wolf is closer

through the eyes of the wolf. nice wig shot

lone wolf by tree

wolf close up

the wolf is closing in

now we see what red is up to close up

the basket of yummies

I could lick that cake!

the money shot bite that cake!

close up of the pet really great shot

pet the wolf

red naps after the feastThe first edition of Grimms’ tale includes in the ending Little Red Cap going through the woods a second time. This time she recognizes the danger and doesn’t speak to the wolf. She asks her grandmother’s advice. She carries water until a big, big trough is completely full and the wolf is drowned. These paragraphs change Little Red Riding Hood from a victim into a heroine. This Little Red Riding Hood is different form the others who just get eaten and rescued and admonished not to talk to strangers. In the complete Grimms’ folktale, Little Red Cap goes home “safely and merrily” not because the hunter rescues her, but because she has learned to recognize and deal with danger.

Small town frocks wonders if perhaps there is more to that story as well…

Photography: Laura Wilby

Styling/Hair/Headpiece: Avrell Fox

Frock and Wig: Lara Blackman

Makeup: Robin Marie

Red: Nicole

Wolf: Richie

Cake: Epiphany Cakes

Picnic: Croissant Moon

Flowers/Boutonniere: The Green Poppy

Props: Still Eagle, Dear Pony, and stylists own

6 months later…

Wow! Time to update or what!!

So many things have happened over the last 6 months. I moved to a beautiful new house, which has a gorgeous work space and windows filled with trees and mountains. My daughters are both in school and loving it, and I have found a whole new time for creativity and personal growth. I turned 40, and I feel so happy and healthy and grounded. So…

I’m looking forward to sharing the latest felted wool wigs, and the frocks that have yet to be photographed, sketches and photos from twenty years ago (seems weird to have work that is that old)… and I forgot to mention that I designed the costumes for a local opera at the beginning of the year… and I’m gearing up for Hallowe’en and Edwardian Ball season… and then there’s the leathers and furs, and don’t forget the silk knickers… lots of goodness to come…

Let’s start out with some amazing photos. Watching Louis grow as an artist and person over the last two years has been such a privilege, he has gone to school at the coast and I have no doubt it will only up his game that much more. You have to look at his portfolio after you have a gander at these…





Photographer: Louis Bockner

Lashes & Makeup: Jen Cookson

Model: Zoe Spring

Lynx Wig: smalltownfrocks


Just a quick hello while I’m packing up the studio to move to a bigger space this month… You have no idea how exciting this is!!

The wigs are in boxes, and it occurs to me it would just as easy to ship them out as move them and unpack… so in celebration of new digs…

MOVE50 will get you 50% off of stock in the etsy shop!! Shipping is still free.

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