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It has been told that Little Red took cake to her grandmother again…a walk in the woods the beginning

another great red closeup

red with basket in ravine

ravine.... wolf is closer

through the eyes of the wolf. nice wig shot

lone wolf by tree

wolf close up

the wolf is closing in

now we see what red is up to close up

the basket of yummies

I could lick that cake!

the money shot bite that cake!

close up of the pet really great shot

pet the wolf

red naps after the feastThe first edition of Grimms’ tale includes in the ending Little Red Cap going through the woods a second time. This time she recognizes the danger and doesn’t speak to the wolf. She asks her grandmother’s advice. She carries water until a big, big trough is completely full and the wolf is drowned. These paragraphs change Little Red Riding Hood from a victim into a heroine. This Little Red Riding Hood is different form the others who just get eaten and rescued and admonished not to talk to strangers. In the complete Grimms’ folktale, Little Red Cap goes home “safely and merrily” not because the hunter rescues her, but because she has learned to recognize and deal with danger.

Small town frocks wonders if perhaps there is more to that story as well…

Photography: Laura Wilby

Styling/Hair/Headpiece: Avrell Fox

Frock and Wig: Lara Blackman

Makeup: Robin Marie

Red: Nicole

Wolf: Richie

Cake: Epiphany Cakes

Picnic: Croissant Moon

Flowers/Boutonniere: The Green Poppy

Props: Still Eagle, Dear Pony, and stylists own


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