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Well… school has started up and bridal season has wrapped up for this year… so in this lull before the frock ordering begins again in the winter… while the harvest is coming in… it’s time to pick up the fat issues and see what is new and exciting…

Hermes calfskin jumping boots $2,250

Peter Fox Victorian Boots $468

Fluevog Lourdes Boot $425

I am so in love with these boots it actually makes my heart ache…

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This is a sweet and sentimental touch… the bride wrote heartfelt messages on the bottom of the maids shoes. It also made for this super cute photo op.

The sun has finally emerged… time to book those pedicures. Not sure if my lifestyle warrants a crystal pedicure… but I would consider it if it matched my frock ;)

Happy Weekend!


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As soon as I posted my friday foot fetish last week I kicked myself… no pun intended(ok sort of intended). Derby has taken hold in the koots… and it is inspiring! Fantastic posters by local artists… strong sexy women zooming about… hot pants and fishnets… and most importantly…. ROLLERSKATES!

What’s better than blue suede rollerskates… seriously, name me one thing…

I’ll leave you with Cher on roller skates…

Have a fantastic weekend!


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I love the individually cut leaves and the studs…

Very nice toes…

These are called Iris but they remind me of faeries for some reason…

Source: alexandermcqueen.com

I love everything about these… black lace over flesh coloured silk… the heel and the peep toe… sigh.

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone,


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I was sucked in to the internet vortex last night… but I found these amazing shoes!!

Kobi Levi is a shoe designer that makes these amazing creations in his studio. I love the whimsy as well as the obvious quality that has gone in to the crafting of these amazing works of art. This is just a little sample… which are your favourites?

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Technically I suppose this is more leg wear than foot wear… but ya know the ankle bone’s connected to the shin bone…

A little message popped up on fb yesterday from this talented artist that I like to follow from Vancouver, Laura Bucci Handmade. It said she had a new studio mate, Mariana from Nana Fro Textile… so I went and had a look… Well it turns out she’s this amazing textile artist who sells these super funky tights, leggings, and socks that she has dyed… No two are the same and her colours are so rich and lovely that I clicked about a bit and discovered she has a really nice blog too…

Have a fun and colourful weekend!


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