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I ❤ reLove

Here at smalltownfrocks it’s all about the reLove… taking something found and making it into something beautiful. Lay out the pieces, mend any holes, salvage the buttons and interesting pockets and/or trims… wait for inspiration. Take elements from other pieces and add them to the new. Sometimes you have to collect for a while and be patient until the perfect ‘piece’ makes it way to the workroom. You can’t make a list for thrifting, you have to take what you find and be adaptable and take the inspiration as it comes. The end result can be so rewarding and so completely different from how the project started… sort of like L❤ve.



Happy Valentine’s Day… I hope it finds you full of love.


A little love from my new favourite blog {advanced style}… Ilona rocks!


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smalltown rocks!

we are so blessed to live in a area like the kootenays where our small town inhabitants have their finger on the big city pulse. not only do we have amazingly talented fashion designers and a plethora of artists and muscians of all varieties, but we also have genius promoters that bring some of the world’s best bands, performers and djs to our theaters, bars,clubs and festivals. you’d never know from the posters that cover the posts downtown that this wasn’t a thriving metropolis,and february in nelson is no exception, here are just three of many great shows coming our way.

february 10th at the royal (8-11pm)
super fun montreal bluegrass band that covers all your faves of the 80’s, so fun! check out the royal’s facebook page for more info.

february 21st at the spirit bar (8-11)
again from montreal, canada’s new york, these indie rockers will rock yer socks off. check out spirit bar’s facebook page for more info.

february 22&23rd at the spirit bar (8-11:30)
this is perhaps the most exciting event to pass thru town in a while, maceo parker is a funk legend! the guy played in JAMES BROWN’s band, before hoping on the mothership with George Clinton and later he was a part of Bootsy Collin’s rubber band, i mean really need i say more?! this is one of those performers that you might think you don’t know, but if you like it funky, trust me, ya know him. a must see show for sure, i already have my ticket. check spirit bar’s facebook page for more info.

xo av

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The suburbs by ‘arcade fire‘ from Montreal.
I have loved everything that this band has made, but they’ve topped themselves with this one. It rocks out, it breaks your heart, it tells a story, pure candian gold. The first video is the first single released from the album, the title track ‘the suburbs’, the video is a little disturbing but sometimes I think we need to be a little disturbed. The second is a live performance of the sprawl II from saturday night live, check out Régine’s fabulous sequined frock with matching wristlets, so sweet!

cheers, xo av

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We love the small town romeos… it’s encouraged!

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