May Frock

This simple but lovely frock was originally made as a sample to be used in a different photo shoot… but after a miscommunication on sizing it wasn’t included… which is probably just as well since it would have likely been damaged on location (a grubby shack). Instead it maintains it’s silk and wool pristine loveliness…

The bodice is cut from silk/wool blend which is my new favourite bridal fabric… light, comfortable, soft, and comfortable for all seasons… think airy pashmina… mmmm! The sleeves are silk chiffon, as are the top layers on the skirt. The entire dress, not including the sleeves, is lined with silk dupion which gives just enough structure to hold the shape without adding bulk. An extra layer of organza helps the skirt flow and stand away from the body.


April Frock

I’m writing this on a snowy January morning… I’ve debated calling it the April frock… although it was actually sewn last April… but then this crazy thing called bridal season sort of found it’s way to me in May… and I’ve been sidetracked ever since :)

Without further rambling… here’s the details.

Every once in a while I head on over to ebay and peruse vintage fabrics… not too often… ’cause that could easily get out of hand! But I did find this really lovely vintage silk sari fabric… and well, there was some cash in my paypal acccount and it was done before I had another sip of tea! This sari became the skirt. The bodice is a structured overbust corset made from silk/wool. Silk/wool is pretty much the ultimate fabric in my mind… warmth, luxury, natural… the flowers were crafted from silk chiffon in yummy rose and tangerine and then enveloped in silk organza and hand beaded… a whimsical crinoline in goldenrod tulle adds depth of colour to the skirt and fullness to the silhouette.

The rabbit wig is one of my wool creations that was hand felted and inspired by the clever fifi lapin blog. It’s all kinds of illustration sweetness… check it out!

Find all the details here.

work is bliss

I have kept this site strictly business for the most part… and I intend to keep it that way… however, I am integrating what I do into who I am more and more… and I have started sharing that with others… testing the water… seeing if people roll their eyes and make comments about how I lived in the forest for too long… well they don’t. In fact I see that it inspires other people to think about what it is that they do and how they live… so in hopes that this may inspire you… here goes…

Over a year ago I started to practice yoga and it changed my life. In the last few months I have truly gone through a metamorphosis… creativity flows through me constantly, to the point of having hot hands that gain more heat as I work. After a busy bridal season I needed to work on a project that was just for me… I started a peacock wig. I kept it to myself and was sheepish about sharing it with others… it was a bit eccentric, and I don’t need to be appear any more eccentric than I already do… however, people gave me such positive feedback and encouragement that I made another one… a swan… and now I realize that I won’t live long enough to create all of the ideas that swirl around in my brain.

Originally I was working seated in a western chair which impeded me greatly, I had to take a lot of breaks to keep my shoulder and back from aching… while discussing this issue with my yoga instructor I had the epiphany that I needed to integrate yoga into my work. I started to work while sitting on a free chair and this allowed me to be dynamic while sitting instead of slowly crumpling up my spine and blocking my creative energy flow. I am now working with a local craftsman to make a frame to hold the wigs while I felt so that I can achieve complete flow while working. Is it work or yoga… well by definition yoga means union… and that is exactly what it is… the union between my body and my brain and my spirit… work as meditation. Bliss!

Much gratitude for finding my flow… may you find yours.


The Frock on the Rock

A bride is bound to forget a thing or two on her wedding day which might account for the need to have a ‘something borrowed’.  My ‘something borrowed’ came from my sister.  My ‘something old’ was my vintage engagement ring and my ‘something new’ was a strand of pearls from my parents.  My ‘blue’?  The Jayne label in my gorgeous, custom gown. 

What an adventure this long distance dress has been!  Details were discussed via email and decisions were made in consultation with family and facebook friends.   Lara sourced amazing fabric options and provided lovely renderings of what my dress might look like.  With my husband’s help, I measured my post-baby body and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t lose any more weight.  And then the sewing began.   The next step was to sit back (while moving from Gibraltar to Scotland by car, with a 3 month old) and wait for the dress to be brought to me by my parents who travelled from Victoria to Scotland to help me travel with my baby to the wedding location in Greece.  When I finally got to try my dress on, two weeks before the big day, I could tell by the perfect seams, hand beaded details and wonderfully fitted finished product that Lara had poured her heart into my dress. 

People asked if I had a back-up plan. They wondered if I had arranged for a seamstress in Athens in case the dress didn’t fit.  I stood by my choice to go custom (why would I give my money to a factory in a foreign country when I could have something made especially for me by a talented designer, heading up her own company?) and I maintained hope that all would go well.  And it did.  I couldn’t be happier with the result.  I didn’t want to take the dress off and I wore it until the last party goer left at 4am. 

And now, as I go through the photos with a cup of tea in hand, it re-occurs to me just how fortunate I am that the universe conspired to bring Lara back into my life and that I’ve been able to have a fashion fantasy come true! 

One very happy bride…

Well… school has started up and bridal season has wrapped up for this year… so in this lull before the frock ordering begins again in the winter… while the harvest is coming in… it’s time to pick up the fat issues and see what is new and exciting…

Hermes calfskin jumping boots $2,250

Peter Fox Victorian Boots $468

Fluevog Lourdes Boot $425

I am so in love with these boots it actually makes my heart ache…

The Fantastic Fox Wig

I started this wig just before bridal season officially opened… and so it has sat waiting until I finally took some pictures and returned to the task at hand. There is a cute pin that says “The work you do while you’re procrastinating is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life”… um, drinking tea on the patio doesn’t pay so hot… but drinking tea and felting wigs sure is fun!! I would love to just make wigs for a living…


The Peacock Wig

I love making wigs…